Cockett Farm Shooting Ground

One  of the Midland’s finest Clay Shooting venues

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Sporting is by far the most popular form of clay shooting in the UK with the three main sub disciplines featured at Cockett Farm.

This form of clay shooting was originally designed to replicate shooting live quarry. As a result, target trajectories, angles, speeds, elevations and distances are all infinitely variable by using different types and sizes of clay.

Typically, the targets on each stand are named to reflect the type of live quarry they are designed to simulate, for example - Driven Pheasant, Bolting Rabbit, Crossing Pigeon, Dropping Duck, etc.

Cockett Farm's sporting course features 50 targets over 7 stands which are changed regularly to offer a challenging variety of targets suitable for novices to world class shots. The targets are presented over a mixture of lightly wooded and open land with both mobile and fixed towers used to present a wide range of target heights.

FITASC is the international version of sporting and is named after the Federation that governs the discipline. Generally this is considered to be the most testing of the sporting varieties for two main reasons. Firstly, the gun must be held out of the shoulder until the target becomes visible. Secondly, each individual target is only seen a maximum of twice per 25 targets. In English sporting, you may have the same targets repeated 5 times, allowing opportunity to adjust for errors on the next target. With FITASC, you only have one chance!

The White Gold Cup was a competition devised by the ground owner, Roger Collingham. Gamebore Cartridge Company sponsored the event to coincide with the launch of their White Gold range of cartridges. In order to ensure that the competition was easy for both grounds to stage and TV to film, the competition was based around a standard skeet range and is widely acknowledged as the format that inspired the current Compact Sporting discipline.

At its peak, shooting grounds held their own qualifying events, with the finals held at a prestigious venue for the Sky TV cameras - usually Weston Park in Shropshire with a prize fund of £25000.

Sporting Range

Compact / White Gold Range